Why do cars redline in Drag Race when shifting and sometimes not?


Is it because if wheel spin or there’s more to that

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What do you mean by “redline”? As in revving the engine at launch, or at each shift?

Most cars in a drag race will go up to red line (hitting max RPM) since most cars get their peak horse power at high RPM.

It’s because of gearing and where your power is.

Hopefully someone has some shift point and dyno charts to explain how it all works.

I used to drag race a stick shift car for years, a 440 Dodge Challenger with an OE 4 speed trans. The 2-3 and 3-4 shifts should be made at peak HP, which is where you’d typically set the ‘redline’ on the tach. The 1-2 shift is best made at peak torque. That means you shift at a lower RPM than peak HP.

the short answer is the power range the car is built to max perform at ie 6000 or 8000 rpms ish and also driver skill