Why do certain medications increase you appetite and increase weight gain?


I was on a few medications last year and gained a significant amount of weight even though I didn’t necessarily feel more hungry. What causes this?

Side note: if someone could explain why I get the munchies after smoking weed as well, that would be great.

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For THC, it triggers the same areas of your body that get triggered when you’re hungry. So, your body thinks it’s hungry without the usual trigger, so you are willing to eat more despite not actually needing food.

This might work slightly differently per medication, but it’s the same principle for most of them.

When observing weight gain you should consider more than just medication. For example. Some medication needs to be taken after a meal and before going to bed so that on its own is a recipe for disaster since you are more prone to eat and go straight so sleep(body doesnt have the time to use all the ingested energy and it stores it as fat. I hope Ingave a better understanding of how medication and life around it affects us.

There’s a litany of mechanisms by which medications can cause appetite and weight gain.

One example is that some medications can directly increase the production of ghrelin, your hunger hormone.