Why do companies like Meta have so many employees, what do they do?


Why do companies like Meta have so many employees, what do they do?

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It’s a lot like the army. For every soldier that does the actual fighting, you have several people who do all the other work like maintaining supply lines, cleaning/repairing equipment, tending to the wounded, etc.

A big company like Meta is the same way. You have a lot of programmers who do all the coding work, and for every one of them there are people who do all the support work like human resources, accounting, marketing, etc.

The same or similar jobs that other large companies. You have accounting and legal and managers and HR and designers and PR/marketing and janitors and cooks for the canteen and so on and so forth – on top of the engineers and programmers

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They “vibe” and get coffee and do yoga while their SO dj’s for the cat. So many responsibilities so little meta. “#workislife#selfmade”

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They’re not in customer service, that’s for sure. My instagram got hacked in June and there’s literally no way to directly contact them to get it back (aside from reporting vulgar content). All those employees and no human responses if you actually have a problem (unless you know someone in the biz)

There’s a brilliant book written about forty years ago called Mythical Man-Month. Basically in software you start off with a solution that is straightforward but with each simple addition it gets exponentially more complex.

E.g. an algorithm that identifies and counts apples from a picture. You then think, okay simple algorithm but now I need to have a picture feed, and then output the results to a nice UI, then need the UI to translate into ten languages, and then need to have UTC timestamps on the photo, when the algorithm identifies the fruit, oh wait now we need orange identification? What about bananas? No? That’s V2? Good good. Okay so we need to have a team formed on that banana proposal, needs to be aligned with the orange identification team (they’re now called the mandarins? Isn’t that British slang?) Okay so align the fruit division as we need to include tomatoes, kiwis and guavas. But now we need to have a social media feed for the UI so users can tweet their apple count. And I’ve not even touched on architecture, testing, infosec or the bench.

And so on, with each feature needing teams of programmers just to support the existing product. The escalation seems logical at the small parts but soon you have teams doing things that are simply aligning the work of other teams, internal toolsmiths, database admins, product analytics etc. This is why a startup can appear to have a finished product that upsets the market, but then needs to madsively scale to meet the demand of a larger more complex market.