Why do computers work less when hot?


Why do computers work less when hot?

In: Physics

Getting too hot will damage a computer. So nowadays a computer will generally monitor its own temperature and slow itself if it gets too hot to try and prevent overheating.

Computers are made of transistors, under Hugh temperature transistors don’t work efficiently.

Heat damages the components. In order to avoid unrepairable damage your computer throttles it’s performance.

That’s why you can see some pc modders using dry ice or liquid nitrogen to cool the pc when they are overclocking it. The cpu could run at a higher frequency, but the heat dissipation would damage it.

A MOSFET transistor functions based on ‘holes and dope’, when the transistor is functioning there is tiny motion happening. When the device gets hot, the motion is less efficient. It happens so quickly and frequently that you can cook bacon on a CPU that isn’t being cooled.