Why do crickets only “cricket” at night?


Why do crickets only “cricket” at night?

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Crickets are found chirping, or cricketing at night because they are nocturnal and most active at night. They create that noise by rubbing different parts of their wings together. They stop when people or predators are nearby because they can sense vibration and they believe the best way to hide is to be completely silent. Only males chirp too btw because they are tryna get jiggy with the women crickets playing some sweet, romantic, and passionate heavy metal with their wings. The bitchets (female crickets) love that.

Edit: changed “jiggly” to “jiggy”

Most of what you hear is cicadas chirping for mates; as to why they do it at night it is a least partly because that’s the safest time to give away your position because most of the predators are not actively hunting