why do different country sell and buy/use different type of oil (petroleum) ?


why do different country sell and buy/use different type of oil (petroleum) ?

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There are different types of crude oil extracted from the ground and given labels like heavy, light and sweet. This means it contains different proportions of different hydrocarbons this oil is then processed by fractional distillation separating out the various hydrocarbons in crude oil by their different boiling points. The longer chains of hydrocarbons can also be cracked into shorter chains to produce more useful chemicals. – https://youtu.be/BCfw4S8c3b8

So some of the hydrocarbons are used to make heating oil, fuels for cars or making plastics, depending on what a country has and needs they will trade them.

Because of availability. Not all countries can get their hands on the different kinds of oil. There are pipelines all over the planet that take some oils to different countries and stuff.

Also, some people in different countries invent different types of machines that require the different oils to burn/lubricate machines in different ways.

Now, it’s 2022 and while I could be wrong, I’m pretty sure most of the developed world uses the same oils.

Because they installed different processing facilities that can handle only the type of oil they buy.

Heavy and sour oil is much harder to process than light and sweet oil, so techincally less advanced nations tend to use the more easy to process raw ressources. Some is also based on wich oil they first had access to.