Why do human teeth get infected and die off so easily?


Pretty much every other part of the human body can last and be effective for 70 or more years, but why do some teeth only last 10, 15 (or less) years before requiring extraction or falling out/dying?

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Because we eat foods with a lot of nutrition and food gets stuck in between the teeth. Plus our food is highly acidic in some cases, like pop which eats away at the protective layer.

Because we didn’t evolve to eat so much sugar and sweetened processed food, which leads to tooth decay

also we didn’t evolve to live to be 70 either, that’s just a side effect of our many modern comforts we’ve invented.

I think it’s two reasons.

1. You can still survive / eat if you lose half your teeth. So natural selection didn’t necessarily weed out this trait. Compare that to your leg, your heart, or whatever other part of your body not working. Then natural selection is basically quickly going to correct that by having that gene trait die off.
2. Also I think the types of food in modern society is more harmful to teeth than what is produces naturally by nature – which just makes the problem worse. Although can be counter-acted by a dentist/dental care to some degree.

The enamel of your teeth is exposed to things that endanger it and it doesn’t regenerate.
Those things are acids, scratches, chipping…
The bacteria in your mouth consume leftover sugars and then produce lactic acid which eats away the enamel.

I also experienced tooth decay and I will give you advice.

Teeth are physical structures, not chemical structures. Therefore, unlike other body organs, it is very simple to manage and if teeth are well managed, teeth are preserved until you are 70 years old.
And conversely, because it is not a chemical structure, it can not be recovered unless management is done properly.

1. Please drink sugar free coffee(americano ..) instead of sugary coffee(macchiato, latte ….)
Sugar is the biggest factor in eroding your teeth.

2. And you should brush your teeth before you go to bed. Teeth are most likely to corrode while sleeping. Especially after drinking alcohol, you should not go to bed without brushing.

3. If you eat something, please brush your teeth immediately.

When this becomes habitual, the teeth never rot.

Until now, you didn’t brush your teeth habitually, your teeth will already have a lot of corruption. But from now on, if you habitually brush your teeth, you can prevent any further tooth decay.

The lifespan of your teeth depends entirely on your lifestyle.
I also experienced tooth decay in my teens, but after living with the above things, I have not suffered tooth decay anymore.