Why do males typically build muscle easier than females?


There must be some sort correlation between chromosomes and muscle in our body’s yes?

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Evolution and all that. Men needed to be stronger quicker as they were the hunters and what have you. Basically.. Testosterone and lots of it. Great for building muscles. That is why it takes women longer to build muscles because they have less testosterone.

The hormone, testosterone, increases the rate at which our bodies build muscle. Males produce more testosterone than women, therefore have an easier time building muscles.

Basically, testosterone is key in muscle growth, levels are soooo much higher in males. You can read a ton more detailed info in [this](https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/2917954/) article

Testosterone production.

Males evolved to make A LOT more of it. Testosterone is a pretty important chemical in muscle production, so males tend to be bulkier. This likely came about so that males could be better specialised as hunters.

It’s not completely one-sided either. Females tend to put on fat more easily than males as well. This was likely so that they could store more nutrients in times of relative famine.

Sexual Dimorphism is a complex thing.