Why do payoffs grow exponentially in the current merit based system?


I understand that for 1% improvement in efficiency and productivity the costs and efforts are also not linear so that needs to be compensated somehow, although observing the prevalent inequality which continues to grow it seems these are overcompensated somehow.

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Payoff =/= efficiency or productivity.

the current system, your payoff is actually tied to how replaceable you are.

“what about CEO and higher management positions”, those are tied to the responsibility or rather “power” they hold, and if something goes tits up, they’re also the scapegoat, which is why the golden parachute is a thing.

We like to shit on how useless these positions are, but realistically, a good/bad CEO can and will sink ships. Just take a look at Sears or Blockbuster for reference.

Here’s the shitty part, regardless if someone is a CEO or a waitress, everyone is just an employee. The real money makers are the board members and stockholders. they provide zero efficiencies or productivity yet obtain the fruit of labor from others. literal parasites.

This is why we say the current system is not merit based and your payoff is definitely not tied to actual productivity.