Why do people who stutter, don’t stutter when singing?


Why do people who stutter, don’t stutter when singing?

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Musical ability comes from a different section of the brain than normal speech does. The stutter is an issue with the left side of the brain, not the entire brain.

An interesting little story:

If you’ve ever seen 50 first dates with Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore, you’ll remember she would forget everything she knew when she went to sleep, at least, all new memories she’d formed the day before.

This is a real thing that can happen. I took care of a young man who was in a horrible car accident. He cannot form new memories that last longer than when he goes to sleep. He had to carry a palm-pilot (yes, this was a while ago) on which he’d kept notes of the previous day, week, months activites, who I was, who other new people he’d met were. It was like he had to relearn his life over again, right up from the time of the accident. Imagine waking up thinking you have a 4 year old sister to find out she’s 12 now, overnight.

Anyhow, point of the story was, there were songs he could hear on the radio, play a few times and remember them the next day, even weeks later. Songs that came out after the accident. When my time was over with him, they were just beginning to figure out that they might be able to teach him new things by putting it in musical form. Fascinating stuff.

The simplest explanation is that singing uses different areas of the brain to speaking, tending to fire more in the creative hemispheres of the brain.

In addition songs are memorised, the lyrics known which helps in the same way preparing a speech can help reduce stuttering.

Source: various articles read on this due to own mild stutter.


Anyone know the real cause of stuttering btw? Is it some sort of parental cutting off abuse or genetic ?