Why do Planets these days have the most stupidest names?


Like, A Planet with Rings 100x larger than Saturns? “J1401b”. Why Do Planets these days have the most stupidest names?

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Honestly I think there are just too many to keep track of, so using weird letter and number combinations are the best way to index them all.

Wouldn’t you try a systematic approach if you had to name 1000000 celestial bodies?

Well, basically because naming things is hard. We’ve already found 5000+ exoplanets, and many more are to come. The IAU manages names of astronomical objects, and mostly they prefer formulaic designations.

However they are holding perioding naming contests for them. You can get a group to participate in the next round, just be aware they get a -ton- of submissions, so odds are it won’t be you.


They appear to me names making cataloguing easier. The letters and numbers will refer to different details of the body. This is a very practical name. A stupid name for a planet would be Ham Sandwich, Trout Poo or Sticky Emissions.

Because of the sheer quantity of them, and all the cool names have already been picked thousands of years ago.