Why do pop-ups for newsletter signups work?


They still exist because they work, obviously. Personally, I find it annoying when a form like that pops up in the middle of an article. I understand that I’m not the target demographic for those newsletters. To me, they’re just spam so I never give them my email address. Even if it’s a site I trust, I just visit it regularly.

But why do they work? Why do a large number of people just give them their email address?

In: Technology

I’m sure a lot of people do it without really thinking so that they don’t have to deal with the pop-up again. It’s not really something they give much thought. I’m sure there’s some psychology about why people choose to do so despite this, but I wouldn’t know what it’d be.

The effective ones will offer something for free, like a guide to xyz or 10% off, etc. in exchange for your email

Very rarely do plain “subscribe to our newsletter” pop ups work by themselves