Why do scientists/programmers continue improving deepfake technology?


Why do scientists/programmers continue improving deepfake technology?

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I just can’t think of any compelling (positive) reasons why we need this tech.

One reason, it’s very useful in VFX work. If you are making a film and want a young version of an actor a few photos, videos, a beefy computer and a couple of weeks of processor time and you have a really good young version.

Honestly, cause it’s cool. There are practical reason like vfx people say, but a lot of shit we do as programmers is not for an actual purpose tbh. I can’t tell you how many programs I’ve made that have no real purpose. The cons of deep fake tech HEAVILY outweighs the pros, it’s just neat

Science just for the sake of science is responsible for many positive developments. Science is all about the unexpected and the unexplored- if you didn’t do science because you couldn’t see the point in it, you would stagnate, and fail to really understand the world. Same with math, same with programming. The unexpected is where all thr exciting snd beneficial stuff is.

This is also the passion of these scientists and programmers and mathematicians- they do it because they want to.

Entertainment aside, someone will always continue this kind of research for nefarious purposes. By continuing it ourselves we can understand it better and be aware of it’s flaws.
Just imagine this technology would’ve been developed completely in secret to it’s current state. How much easier it would be to use it to create disinformation.