Why do so many “smart home” / IoT apps look almost identical?


We have a variety of “smart” lights and cameras in our house, and they all have their own apps. I noticed that each app is almost an identical copy of the others, just with different branding. Why is that?

MOBI Smart, Smart Life, and FEIT Electric are good examples, just to name a few.

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Someone came up with a design, people liked it, so companies copied it as close as possible without creating legal issues. Now they all look the same (or at least very similar).

It’s potentially the same app underneath. A company isn’t going to hire programmers to write an app from scratch if that functionality already exists. They’ll pay another company specializing in that industry to customize an existing app for their purpose.

Uniformity/standardization makes it easier to use than if people have to learn and remember how 5 different apps work.