: Why do some guys have flexible penises while others do not?


Why is it that some penises remain flexible even when engorged, while others become rigid?

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Penis is like a sponge. It’s supposed to be flexible even when erect/ engorged with blood. The term hard just to imply it’s stiff/rigid. A erect penis can still be compressed. To answer your question, some guys are just not as ‘hard’ as other guys. There are several factors blood flow, circulation, erectile dysfunction etc. the penis is supposed to be hard enough to penetrate but not hard as a rock.

I’m not sure they do…

Any small variability would probably be related to the different elasticities of various tissues. The penis is essentially 3 column chambers full of blood so I’m not sure what tissues would be flexible, unless the chambers were underfilled.

Sometimes erections are just harder than other times for various reasons. This varies not only from person to person, but from situation to situation for the same person as well. The less hard an erection (determined by how much blood is pumped into the penis), the more flexible it is.