Why do spiders not run away when they see a human?


Its really weird that spiders dont run away when they see a human. Aren’t they hundreds of times larger than they are? Why do they just chill and sometimes descend onto people or near a person. They can literally see other creatures even humans.

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Spiders dont recognize really large animals as predators. They will run or fight their natural predators which are much smaller

There’s a fight/flight response that is so archaic, most creatures show it. Some creatures freeze in place as a response to this, esp when they do not understand the ramifications of an encounter. If you do not know what might happen, you may run directly into more danger. Animals who are predators tend to freeze when confronted w unknown situations as they might be able to defend themselves, plus, it’s an ingrained behavior, as they tend to stalk and stay still more in the presence of other creatures.

Prey animals tend to have reflexes made to disperse and run from their predators so being in a unknown situation they are more apt to run, although not always. Prey animals who are preyed upon by ambush group predators will freeze more often in new situations as they have evolved to run into worst traps, etc.

Some good answers but I’ll add that creatures will often freeze because they don’t know if they’ve been spotted. It’s easier to detect something when it’s moving than when it’s still, especially if the thing has decent camouflage. You’ll never know how many spiders were right in front of you that you never noticed. But I bet you would have noticed if they suddenly scurried away.

It’s funny I read this today because last night I was laughing at a spider who had wedged itself half way under something so just its butt was sticking out. It probably knew some part of it was exposed but had no way of knowing if it had been spotted. I didn’t kill it by the way because many spiders are bros and I hope it’s helping me with my ant problem.

Spiders are working with tiny eyes and really tiny brains. It’s impressive how much performance they can get out of them (especially jumping spiders), but resolving a distant, large object and then distinguishing potential threats from other random large things is beyond their ability.