why do Supercars and superbikes have very less mileage as compared to normal cars and bikes


why do Supercars and superbikes have very less mileage as compared to normal cars and bikes

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Because they have much larger and more powerful engines that requires them to be fast

All of that requires fuel

Are you talking about gas mileage or odometer mileage?

Because you don’t use them as everyday cars to get somewhere.

If you can afford them, they’re something to use as a treat, not to go to Walmart.

Those bikes (and cars) are designed to be fast, not fuel efficient. If you accelerate quickly, the engine needs to provide a lot of power very quickly, so it pulls in more fuel to provide that instant need for power.

You can see a similar thing with your car. If it has the ability to show instant fuel usage, watch the difference between taking off slowly at the lights, and rapidly accelerating. Accelerating slowly, my car gets about 12 liters per 100km until it reaches cruising speed of about 9 liters per 100km, but if I really floor it, it goes to about 24 liters per 100km before dropping down to 9 liters when I’m done with the initial acceleration.

Riders / drivers could increase fuel efficiency if they didn’t push their vehicles so hard, but sometimes accelerating fast is quicker than stopping to refuel more frequently (and in some races, you don’t need to refuel because they’re so short)

tl;dr: If you want to move a car or bike really quick, you need more fuel to provide more power. They don’t care about fuel efficiency because the race is so short, or going faster will save time over stopping to refuel.

Because when we accelerate a bike or car quickly a lot of energy is required and hence a lot fuel is used.

We can also take the example of economic mode in car which consumes less fuel but also doesn’t accelerate fast while in sports mode a car consumes more fuel as compared to economic mode and hence accelerate very fast.