Why do teeth not stay still after braces


I’ve heard people saying things about getting a retainer after they’ve gotten their braces off. Why do you your teeth still move after braces have been taken off?

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Because of trans septal fibers that are trying to pull teeth back to where they were. Gotta keep up the fight against the constant tug of war going on.

Your teeth are under constant force from your tongue and mouth.

Given enough time, these forces will almost certainly shift them in some way.

Teeth (or anything, really) will move if there is an imbalance of force on it.

Say your teeth are lined up, but the bite hits wrong or harder somewhere, and forces some teeth out of the row…

Say they were twisted to start with and there’s still some rubbery attachment of the gums that want to pull it right back…

Maybe you have a tongue thrust, and push the teeth forward by force of habit or the need to open your airway….

Maybe you genetically have teeth that drift easily, and the alignment wasn’t quite perfect and they buckled like a fault line under pressure.

Many times your tongue is the culprit. We’re quick to charge someone to fix there teeth but don’t tell them that not changing the way they rest their tongue against them is the better means to keeping them straight.

I got mine off in 2016 and thankfully my top teeth haven’t shifted much but my bottom ones did a little. Now I’m paranoid I’m gonna need braces again in a few years 😭😭