Why do unopened contacts last so much longer than monthly contacts


I wear monthly contact lenses and usually the month long timeframe is pretty consistent for me and I can tell the difference in comfortability, but ill use a new unopened pair and they clearly feel so much better. Why do the unopened ones keep so well opposed to an open one. Is it some special solution they use? Or are they sealed airtight or something and that somehow protects them.. what’s the magic happening there?

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The dirt and dust that is getting on the contact damage it. Think of it as body armor for your eye, only every day it’s getting shot with billions of bits of bullets. The one in the sealed case is just chilling. Also the solutions used to clean and disinfect damage and erode the contacts as well.

They are clean and sterile in the unopened pack. When you wear them, they accumulate protein and other irritants on them that even nightly cleaning can’t remove entirely.