why do videos that exponentially split distort the audio


Everyone has seen the videos on YouTube that show a clip, then show 2 of the clip and then 4 of the clip on the same frame all the way to 1000 of the same clip side by side distort in audio. If all the clips play at the same time and are all synced, why does the audio get ear rapey? You would think that all the videos would just sync the audio and it would play clearly. Not sure if I explained that well but here is an example: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=dK6SY8Nq83g

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someone shifted the audio, it’s an effect added because otherwise it sounds the same and it’s boring, with te audio echoing at least there’s a reason to watch it.

Some even shift the video as well, like this one https://youtu.be/FTrxDBDBOHU

When you mix multiple sounds their loudness will add up just as if you had several loudspeakers in a room compared to one. The total level will increase whether the copies are synchronized or not, but to a lesser degree if they are slightly off in time. The author of this video seems to have deliberately offset the sounds by a fixed amount to create an robotic echo effect.