Why do we and other animals get so excited for food, but not so much for water, even though thirst is a more immediate concern?


Why do we and other animals get so excited for food, but not so much for water, even though thirst is a more immediate concern?

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Food generally requires more effort to get than water. Generally, you have a known water source, but you have to hunt or gather for food. If you don’t have a water source, then that does become the immediate concern, but you can get some amount of water from food too.

Thirst can get desperate and will kill you faster than hunger, but water is still either available or not. Food is still more complicated to acquire.

Water is necessary for survival, but it doesn’t have the same excitement-inducing properties as food. Our brains are wired to seek out food, because in the past, food was harder to come by than water. The anticipation of food rewards us with a feeling of pleasure, which encourages us to seek out more food. Thirst is a more immediate concern than hunger, but it doesn’t have the same rewarding properties as food, so we don’t get as excited about it.

The most simple answer is that food smells and triggers olfactory receptors which are wired directly to your brain. It also has taste which triggers your taste receptors which do the same thing. You can literally smell food and salivate because you can faintly taste it.

Water on the other hand does not have a particular smell or taste and does not trigger those receptors so it doesn’t excite you as much. If you are extremely thirsty and see water you’ll get excited but you can’t smell it. It doesn’t activate your senses as much as food.

Taste, cravings and excitement is linked to ingredients.

Your digestive system has a massive amount of nerve cells it just like your brain, which is an incredible and mostly unknown fact.

Your stomach “remembers” things you eat and things your body requires. Say you digest something full of an amino acid it needs, that thing will taste better as long as you have a deficit.

That’s thought to be one of the reasons for cravings. It’s not perfect, as seen in the concept of obesity and we can fool the system with artificial sugars etc.

So taste and excitement is essentially your bodys way to get you to eat your vitamins.

Water is water. Theres nothing there. Thirst is horrible and consumes your thoughts way more than hunger, but it’s not important what you drink.

But sugary drinks, think of coca cola for some people, are definitely a part of cravings.

Ever woke up at like 3 in the morning with extreme cottonmouth? On those days I don’t think i’ve ever craved food so much in my entire life as I did water there, and I’ve gone almost a week fasted. Nothing else will do, cofee, soda, gatorade, nothing. But some ice cold water? Nectar of the gods