Why do we wear clothes?


How to explain the reason for this seemingly obvious practice

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Back when we were first evolving shit got really cold, so we wore the pelts of animals we killed for extra warmth and a bit of protection. Over the centuries it turned into what we have now

The environment outside is generally inhospitable across much of the world. You might be fine as a nudist wandering around the African Serengeti (assuming you are black) but you wouldn’t enjoy it in Greenland for example.

Clothing protects us from the weather, trapping heat and shielding us from the harmful effects of sunlight which can damage our skin seriously. Sunburn isn’t just something Caucasians experience, having something between you and the sun can be a necessity in many parts of the world.

Wearing various garments can also help with certain kinds of activities. Holding tools is something clothing can do, as well as being additional physical protection against hazards. Walking through brush is much more comfortable with long pants than if your junk was hanging out, and if you think being saddle sore is bad think about if you were nude!

It’s logical and practical to protect oneself from the environment like sunburn, cold, wind, sand, etc. Protection from bites, scrapes, abrasions is another practical reason. Pockets or ways to carry things that hang on your body is very practical. Add in fun or attraction body decoration and religious components and then finally mix in some evolving cultural considerations such as people wanting to cover themselves and I think that is the basis for human clothes

All those scratches you get on your legs when you walk through bush land in shorts, without clothes they’d be in your balls.