Why do women’s breasts get flat/flatter after breastfeeding?


Why do women’s breasts get flat/flatter after breastfeeding?

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For lack of a better way of putting it.. they get wore out from being literally used as recepticals for babies to receive nourishment

The skin stretches a lot during breastfeeding and when skin stretches it doesn’t go back to normal on its own very easily. (kind of like when people lose tons of weight). So once the milk is gone, the skin stays roughly the same size but the fatty tissue in the breast shrinks.

So it seems this subreddit needs longer explanations in order not to be removed.

The technical word for the phenomenon of breasts getting flatter, or sagging, is called Cooper’s droop. It is not caused by breastfeeding, but by pregnancy. It will also occur even among women who haven’t breastfed and with aging even if a woman has never been pregnant. Breastfeeding may have some effect, but it is not the main cause.

The Cooper ligaments are a connective tissue that supports the breast. The breasts are not muscular. The Cooper’s ligaments provide the structure, and as they stretch, because of hormones and, to some extent, from the weight of the breasts, the breast loses its structure and becomes flatter.