Why do wood wardrobes randomly make crackling noises?


Why do wood wardrobes randomly make crackling noises?

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So its not the lignin or whatever that other person what talking about. Wood will expand and contract with humidity and heat/cold forever. What youre hearing are the wood bits finally moving under pressure from the humidity and heat/cold against each other.

Thermal expansion. Heat makes things expand, cold makes them contract. With wood, humidity is also a factor, as is gravity. This holds true for any part of your house. Framing, plumbing, ventilation, furniture, everything.

Humidity changes, mostly. The moisture content of the air changes throughout the day as the temperature rises and falls. Wood will absorb or release moisture into the air, depending on the humidity and will expand and contract as it does so.

Thin wood sections will be affected quickest. Musical instruments will need retuning as they change shape, mostly caused by going in or out of different buildings. Prolonged low humidity may cause antique instruments to crack (don’t ask how I know that).

While wood can definitely make noise due to thermal expansion, it’s also possible you have an infestation of wood worms or something similar. The sound of wood worms is generally described as soft scratching, but it depends on the type of woodborne insects that are common where you live.

You should check the wardrobe for small openings. If there are small openings it can be a sign of an infestation.

An infestation can spread rapidly between wooden furniture and even to the structure of your house if it has wooden beams.