Why do you sometimes hear the finger slides from guitar players on some recordings, but not others?


Is this due to the skill of the musician? A musical choice? The producer or recording engineer?

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The finger slide is only audiable when using certain types of strings. So depending on the strings used you may or may not hear the slide. But of course guitarists can avoid the sound if they lift their fingers properly off the strings before moving them. If you hear the finger slides on recordings it is because they are supposed to be there. They are intentionally making that noise. They would not have left them in the recording if they were accidental. In live performances however you can get accidental finger slides or omission of them. But it is wrong to attribute this to a guitarists lack of skill.

It’s more prevalent on the lower strings because they are [wound wire](https://i5.walmartimages.com/asr/ee43f496-fa80-4070-8c8f-40a674058dff_1.499389ee45584d4abc9d09d82439e5e1.jpeg) and have ridges instead of being perfectly smooth like the upper strings.

Skill does come into it too, but only to a point. Like if the strings are dirty and your fingertips are sweaty your skill level will take second place to those other factors.

Then about the engineering side of it, there’s several ways to reduce or remove the sound. And there’s several reasons why an artist or engineer might want to keep the sound, or remove it.

So it’s hard to answer really, it could be lots of things but like the other post said if it’s there on the recording it’s because it was decided to keep it there.