Why does Air Traffic happen?


Why does Air Traffic happen?

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Planes and other aircraft have to take off and land somewhere. This is why we have airports.

Airports, if big enough, can have multiple aircraft taking off and landing at or around the same time.

That’s what aircraft traffic is.

From what I understand, the traffic is caused when there is no free runway to take off/land on so planes wait in “traffic” until there is space.

When in the air they do circles around

Air Traffic Controllers do several things.

First and foremost, ATC manages traffic patterns at large, busy airports. When there’s a lot of aircraft in the same relatively small airspace, the potential for collisions becomes a problem.

The second thing they do is manage all flights operating in situations where the flight crews can’t see other aircraft easily. This happens when visibility is restricted by weather or where the aircraft are operating at higher speeds and altitudes.

When youre within 40 miles of an airport, theres going to be airplanes. Some airports are extremely busy and need traffic cops.