Why does alcohol cause certain aggressive behaviors but weed does not?


Why does alcohol cause certain aggressive behaviors but weed does not?

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Because alcohol fastens your heartbeats, because lowers blood pressure (especially if consumed a lot, for long time), and all your senses are more sensitive. You feel pain easier, your balance is fucked up (even if you’re sober, after some point), your thinking is also affected and you become more irritated and recalcitrant. Meaning you’ll respond more violently to the same level of stress.

Weed also lowers the blood pressure and helps your body relax, just like alcohol in its first action stage, but weed triggers other receptors in the brain and has less impact for causing retaliations. It takes a humongous quantity of weed to get the same level of aggressiveness as you’d get from alcohol, but by the time you consume that quantity, the added and more stronger effect of chill and peace will outplay the rage.

The alcohol addiction is different from weed addiction because when you run out of alcohol and sober up, your hangover makes you wanna end your fucking life, due to the headaches and other kinds of associated pain. Plus, it makes your liver…live no longer, and liver diseases are some of the worst, because you’ll feel something is wrong only when it’s far too late. Weed calms you the fuck down, and you seek the sensation again, but without added headaches and organ diseases.

In other words, anything in excess will fuck you up. Badly. But if consumed in moderation, might go under the radar.

Alcohol doesn‘t cause aggressive behaviors (as far as you‘re not an addict). People that react aggressive when drunk are always aggressive, they just can control themselves better when not drunk. Weed and alcohol attack different parts of your nervous system, weed just doesn‘t lower your ability to self control that much. On top people are differently sensitive to alcohol, some can drink 5 beer and are completely chill, others are close to a blackout.
(What probably really causes people to act more aggressive are steroids and stimulants like cocaine)

Im sure someone else will habe a mich more detailed explanation. But marijuana and alcohol are rwp completely dofferent drugs. While both are classified as depressants, that doesmt mean their effects are similar.