Why does cellophane tape breaks halfway?


Don’t you just hate it when your cellophane tape breaks off halfway using it? Any particular reason why the design is like that?

In: Physics

It is designed to be able to hand tear. This kind of tape in particular is meant to stick think together but not permanently. The manufacturer assumes you will be holding light things together so the tape structural integrity can be low. To overcome this to some extent, if you apply even force on the tape you are spreading the force of you pulling the tape over the entire surface. This will make the tape more resistance to tearing. On the other hand, pulling on the tape with uneven pressure will cause the tape to tear off since you are putting more pressure on a single spot. You need this to happen to be able to tear the tape by hand. You have to put a lot of pressure on one point to start the tearing. Also, cellophane is particularly biodegradable. It takes only a few months for this to happen.