why does fingernail clubbing result from lung cancers?



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The exact cause isnt really known. There are multiple hypotheses but none have been proven. Most revolve around the stress such cancers place on both the immune system and circulatory system in general.

I always thought that this is due chronic hypoxia (low oxygen ) in distal parts of the body causing tissue to be replaced by conective tissue, was under impression that any chronic lung diseases can cause this.

Nail clubbing is usually associated with chronic hypoxemia (low oxygen). Your cells need oxygen to live, and when they don’t get enough, they send signals to the body that they need more. Because your fingertips are so far away from the lungs and don’t have any big blood vessels around, they frequently get chronically low on oxygen before other parts of the body, so your body grows more capillaries to try and get more blood to them to keep the cells alive.


Clubbing is literally just your fingers getting bigger from growing more blood vessels as a way to try to get more oxygen.