Why does heat make us sleepy?


One thing the articles you find on google don’t mention is how your body wants to limit activity when it’s hot. Mid day heat? Your body naturally wants to slow down and / or fall asleep to conserve energy. Similar to a heat blanket?

Or. After having sex, say a man is with a female partner, your body gets sleepy, you fall asleep next to them, bond, then raise children. An obvious advantage

Are these accurate in any way as to what the main factor could be?

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Sex, especially for males, release a lot of hormones that make you sleepy. I read somewhere that the average hormones increase even more if it’s with a partner.

Heat on the other hand, relaxes the muscles and forces your body push fluid to the outside of the body, thus leaving you fatigued.

Being active generates heat. If it’s very hot and your body is struggling to stay cool, then limiting physical activity is the best way to avoid overheating.