Why does it seem like wheel bearings on trailers need constant maintenance, but the ones in our cars don’t?


For example, I know a couple people with trailers and they all talk about regreasing their wheel bearings and removing them from the trailer on a somewhat set schedule in one way or another, but I’ve never heard of that being done on a car.

What is the difference? Are trailer wheel bearings just made poorly?

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You probly live in the city, roads are nice, always paved. Trailors have to travel on bad roads and get a lot of wear and tear, going to construction and industrial sites etc. I live in the country , on an unpaved road. Trust me, I’ve had my wheel bearings on vehicle replaced twice in 8 years. Its just about the conditions of the roads the vehicle travels on.

It depends on the quality of the trailer. Many trailers use cheap axles with bearings that are designed to be replaced easily at home with regular tools. You can buy a new road-legal trailer for under $500. Obviously not a lot of money is going into the axles and bearings at that price. A lot of these cheap trailers have smaller diameter wheels that spin faster than the wheels on the tow vehicle, so the bearings see a lot more wear per mile.

It’s been decades since you could service a car’s wheel bearings. They aren’t serviceable now. They do wear out but are much better quality than a typical trailer.