Why does it seem to hurt a lot more when you accidentally bite your tongue than when you try to on purpose?


Edit: I wanted to clarify that when I said on purpose I meant for comparison to the accidental one, not as self harm

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I guess it’s more measured when you do it knowingly.

You know how much your biting, and how hard.

With the accidental one, it’s the opposite.

Lol. Could one actually intentionally bite their own tongue in any kind of a meaningful way? If the answer is yes, there’s something wrong with you.

You don’t follow through on intentional bites. It’s very hard to commit to actually hurting yourself because your body has self preservation instincts.

When you chew food, you aren’t holding back on those muscles, you’re just going for it.

When you’re deliberately biting your tongue, your brain is telling you “what are you doing, idiot? This is going to HURT!” and so you are much more hesitant and reserved

What everyone else has said. and also: something you are prepared for and expecting is going to feel different psychologically than something unexpected out of the blue, even if both are painful.