Why does lifting heavy weights sometimes cause spontaneous nose bleeds?


Why does lifting heavy weights sometimes cause spontaneous nose bleeds?

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I think it has to do with blood pressure, the constricting of blood vessles when doing heavy, strenuous lifts, like a deadlift or squat all while holding your breath. The internal pressue is too great and you bust open a blood vessel. Another contributing factor can be the use of lifting belts or “suits” that act as heavy-duty compression gear, further building up internal pressures.

I’m sure there are many things that could cause it depending on the person and their medical history such as hypertension, people in blood thinners, etc… My guess would be that since there are so many capillaries so close to the surface in that area that when you increase the pressure by lifting that heavy some just pop and bleed. A lot of people take supplements that cause vascular dilation which I’m sure causes capillaries to engorge further and combined with the increased pressures would seem like it could cause them to burst

The capillaries in your nose are quite small and fragile. They break easily, hence any type of nose bleed. When you lift a heavy weight, your body increases blood pressure to keep blood flowing the muscles. But, since those capillaries in your nose(and eyes) are so fragile, they all burst from the pressure. This leads to quite an impressive projectile nosegeyser that is of really no danger and expected when lifting extremely heavy weights. They are so small that they also heal extremely quickly. This can also lead to something much more dangerous, passing out when you lift the weight to it’s height as the blood pressure quickly goes down.