Why does our metabolic rate increase in warmer climates?


My first thought is that the metabolic rate should decrease since you lose less energy (heat) to your surroundings. But I read everywhere that climate increases it instead.

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Googled it and it says that a warmer climate means there’s more kinetic energy between molecules, allowing the molecules involved in chemical reactions to come together more often…

Your metabolism can increase with warming Temps, but will rapidly decline at higher Temps (didn’t give ranges of temp till you decline, but I’m sure you can search it too)

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Cooling takes energy too. When we are warm, we sweat, so the evaporative cooling on our skin removes more heat. In order to sweat, we need to move fluids through out body to the surface which takes energy (and water).

metabolic pathways in your body are really just a ton of chemical reactions. The rate of these reactions increases as temperatures get higher because higher temperatures results in reactant having more kinetic energy, increasing the chance that they will collide and a reaction takes place.