Why does parallel parking only work when reversing.


Why does parallel parking only work when reversing.

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It’s because the vehicles we drive have front wheel steering. If you had a car with rear wheel staring, you could do a parallel park while traveling forward (and you wouldn’t be able to do one going in reverse).

Because it’s the front tires that turn. So whichever end goes in first, the other end will be oriented wrong so you’ll need to turn that end to make the car parallel. Since it’s the front tires that turn, you can only turn the front end of the car like that.

Because the moving wheels are at the front of the car. If you move those into the spot first, there is nothing that will allow you to move the back of the car into the spot.

It’s because of where you are steering from. The back tires can’t move sideways at all to fit into the spot whereas the front tires can move sideways to an extent allowing you to roll them into the spot

When you are driving normally it’s like pulling a cart. The front wheels pull the car behind you and steer. The rear wheels can only ever follow (mostly) within the path of the front wheels.

When you go into reverse, it’s more like pushing a wheelbarrow. You can more or less move the front end around while the back wheels don’t move much. So you can turn the front end, push the back end into the spot, and then simply push the back in as you manuever the front end around.