Why does rubbing your eyes feel so good?


I remember, that as a kid, the feeling I got from rubbing my eyes was one of the best in the world. Even to this day, it’s an amazing feeling that I enjoy a lot. But what happens? – Why does it feel so good?

In: Biology

A little off topic, but do you ever purposefully rub your eyes so long/hard so you get to see loads of cool colours and shapes (like a trippy windows 98 screensaver)?

I used to do that for ages as a kid, just for pure entertainment


By rubbing your eyes you stimulate a nerve called Vagus nerve, which relaxes you and makes you feel good. Also rubbing eyes would cause more tear secretion which lubricates your eyes so your eyes don’t feel dry and tired.

But, rubbing eyes too much isn’t a good habit, it can affect the shape of your cornea which can lead to a condition called keratoconus.

If you want to feel better, rub the palm of your hands together to create some heat, then place the palm on your eyelids.