Why does some food cause acne in the face/body?


Why does some food cause acne in the face/body?

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Some people don’t wash their hands after eating greasy foods. So when they touch their faces later, the oil and debris gets into their pores. It’s common practice to wash your hands before eating, but most people assume wiping their hands with a napkin is enough to clean them afterwards when it really isn’t. Could also just be an excess of fatty foods in general. There’s a few reasons behind it.

Basically, you need to avoid two types of food: refined foods and dairy products. Refined foods have high glycemic index and quickly go broken down in sugar. Sugar has terrible effects on skin. It causes the spike in your insulin levels, which leads to increased sebum production and clogged pores.

Dairy products contain hormones that can send oil glands into hyper-production. Avoid cow milk, use almond instead.