why does the AC feel colder on hotter days?


why does the AC feel colder on hotter days?

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Hot is a sensation just like cold. That is to say that it is a mental and physical awareness of the difference in heat energy contained within two different environments. The further apart the two environments temperatures are the more aware you become of the difference.

If you don’t turn the thermostat down so much in the summer it won’t feel as hot when you walk outside. The same goes for winter if you don’t turn the temperature up too high.

Warmth and coldness are relative and depends on individual perception. For example if you put one hand in ice and one hand on a heater, them immerse both hands in Luke warm water. The hand that was in ice will perceive the water as quite warm. The hand that on the heater will perceive it as quite cold even though it is the same water. Same with ac It feels colder because you have become used to the hot temperature on a hotter day. You then perceive the ac to be colder