why does the body get hot and sweaty when having feelings like excitement or happiness?


Now im aware that this is a normal thing but you never hear it when it comes to positive happy emotions its always negative with like anxiety and worry. My question is why and how does this happen with positive emotions too?I guess i just dint understand the process.

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When your body experiences different emotions, like excitement, nervousness, fear, etc. Your brain sends signals to the rest of your body to react. What you’re talking about specifically is an adrenal gland response. This makes your heart pump harder. Because your heart is pumping harder your body heats up. Because you’re heating up you produce more sweat.

What you’re doing is applying *context* to the situation and associating it to different things, like being happy or sad. In reality it’s more like two situations: excited or not excited. When you’re excited you’ll produce an adrenal gland response, your heart will beat faster, and you’ll get hot and start sweating.

Preparing for action.

The things that make you happy in a sweaty way are the dopamine things: Danceing, sex, festivals, watching football, roller coasters…

Your body is preparing for all the hard work it will have to do during those things, not understanding the difference between watching and playing football, or the difference between sitzing in a roller coaster and fighting for your life.

Other things that make you happy, like reading a book on a rainy day, having a nap, taking a bath, painting… do not make you sweaty, they are the serotonine things, where your body doesn’t expect any quick or demanding actions.

Roughly speaking body has action mode and chilling mode. One is sympathetic effect, second is parasympathetic. Sympathetic effect while often, is not necessarily linked to negative emotions

You have to appreciate that all higher-level cognitive mechanics are sort of piggybacked onto “legacy” stuff that’s already pre-existing in the lower levels of the brain. “The sympathetic system mediates the four Fs: fear, fight, flight and sex.” That should give you a hint as to why most higher-energy expressions tap into the same physiological resources.