Why does the Sun look significantly bigger in the morning?


Why does the Sun look significantly bigger in the morning?

In: Physics

This is psychological, the Sun is about 1/2 of a degree across no matter where it is in the sky. When the sun is close to the horizon you have other things that you know the size of, trees, cars mountains ect. This causes the optical illusion.

we can compare it to the landscape it’s close to. Mountains, forests, etc. make them look bigger, whereas when they are higher up we can’t compare it to anything else except the massive field of view of the sky, making them look smaller. As for the sun, it can appear even larger because the light gets more dispersed and spread out in the atmosphere, because it’s passing through a larger slice of the atmosphere.

While yes this is an illusion, although usually I’ve heard it said about the moon… another thing: Most times you’ve been able to observe the true shape of the sun is when it’s setting, so its light is weak and doesn’t hurt your eyes. How often do we observe the apparent size of the sun when it is overhead? Without these special glasses used for eclipses? rarely ever.

I read somewhere that if you take a paracetamol tablet and hold it at arms length it’s about the same size as the moon. So do it when the moon is low and high and you’ll see they are the same size! I’ve tried it it’s so weird. Just hold a tablet without the moon or sun and you’ll be able to see how it looks bigger near buildings etc