Why does your skin ‘dent in’ when wearing e.g. a too tight wrist band or bra strap or rubber band?


What happens to the cells? What process allows them to bound back in place and is there any damages? Why does it get reddish?

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The outside of your skin is dead skin cells known as keratin. Beneath them are skin cells, fascia, muscle, and fat. All human cells are enveloped by a membrane, essentially, the skin of the cell. Each cell is mostly water. The cell membrane is flexible, so it conforms to the pressure around it. When outside influence is present, you might see your body temporarily change shape, because thousands if not millions of cell ~~walls~~ membranes have adapted to the pressure instead of rupturing all over the place

There is water in three places in your body: in your blood, in your cells, and between your cells. There is an equilibrium between these three, and one of the large determinants of where that equilibrium sits is physical (“hydrostatic”) pressure. When you compress the tissue for a while, you increase the pressure and force some of the cellular and tissue fluids into the blood to be carried off, leaving a dent. When you take the pressure away, the fluid comes back to restore the normal balance.

Like you are 5yo: our bodies have water all over, the elastic band squeezes you just enough to move the water and makes a dent for a short while. If it lasts longer than a half hour, that may be a sign to see your doctor.