Why don’t human skulls’ teeth have sharp canine teeth?


I noticed that complete skeletons don’t have sharp canine teeth and they’re all smooth and straight. Why is that?

Edit: I should clarify that I was looking at pictures of real human skulls and they never had sharp canines.

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They do. Just like normal people.

Are you referring to skulls in movies?holloween stores? Or do you have a skull pile of smooth canine skulls?

A lot of people grind their teeth so their canine points go away. We don’t have super big canines like gorillas because we’ve evolved to have smaller jaws due to different diets.

we evolved into not actually needing the same kind of canines True carnivores required since we figured we could cook meat ot ease up on the digestion processes and make it easier to consume , plus we have smaller jaws, the room just isnt there