Why don’t you need to wear a seatbelt on public transportation?


I’ve noticed that when I ride on busses or other public transportations, there are no seatbelts or anything else to hold you down. Why is this?

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For one thing, busses are much heavier than cars, so in a collision they will usually experience much less deceleration. But if you drive into a tree or wall that won’t help you.

Overall buses are safer than cars.

Buses have professionally trained drivers.

Buses go slower than cars and stop often, so not an opportunity to get to the higher speeds of cars.

Also the bus is much larger than a car so the inertia reaction of an accident would be much less to a bus hit by a car than it would to a car hitting another car meaning that you would not get thrown around inside of the bus if a car hit it . The impact would be absorbed by the larger vehicle better.

These are generalizations, knowing that there are many exceptions to these so this is why many newer buses now have seat belts.

We have seat-belts on buses that go on motorways, they’re not allowed to have passengers standing and must reject more passengers when all seats are taken.

I’ve been on a bus where the driver intentionally crashed in to a car and if I hadn’t have been watching I might not have noticed we’d hit anything