why drugs like psychedelics, CBD and kratom are not recommended for its therapeutical qualities?


why drugs like psychedelics, CBD and kratom are not recommended for its therapeutical qualities?

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Because curing things or treating them cheaply takes money out of the pockets of big Pharma.

Everyone is going to jump on the big bad pharma, but that isn’t how it works. There would be a huge amount of profit for big pharma to take these substances, modify them to give them better qualities through formulations (bioavailability, better serum half-life, etc) and it would be patentable. But their hands are tied for the same reason your local pharmacist can’t supply them – they are highly regulated and the government has made it basically impossible to go near them to do any research into. In order to be used as a medical therapy, they need to be proven, through large and expensive clinical trials. You cannot do clinical trials on illegal substances. The federal government would have to reclassify their status, a subject of much discussion and sadly, little movement.

These substances are not all the same under the law. Psychedelics however (mainly mushrooms and LSD) have a long history that plenty of books have been written on. The main factor as to WHY is that it’s cost prohibitive. Research is being done to determine the reliable therapeutic effects. But it’s expensive because the controls and constant monitoring of the substances that must be done. The UK is pioneering research and some areas of the US.

Many will tell you of the dubious history psychedelics had because of the Timmothy Leary’s of the world. People willing to evangelize more than study. This is used as an excuse by some to disregard all possible benefits of these drugs. Which is bullshit. I’ve seen firsthand what they can do.

The big pharma angle does have some merit though. They aren’t motivated to develop infrequently used drugs when they have daily pills you can take forever. Mind med is actually working with a proprietary compound which they stopped calling LSD, but is clearly some sort of derivative of it. This hints however that big pharma doesn’t want you to do acid, they want you to use something they control and brand. Which makes sense from their perspective, but is another barrier.

A lot of programs responsible for the push for more research are private groups like MAPS. Not Phizer.

For what it’s worth, sometimes they are! Depending on where you live, you can get referrals from doctors to go get ketamine treatment for depression. I’ve had a family member get it and it did a pretty good job. My state will be allowing the same thing for mushrooms soon as well. A lot of people’s negative associations with these substances comes from the War on Drugs, but as time goes on, the public and the medical community is shifting toward being more accepting of them.