why flies are struggling to get out?


Sorry, I’ll put more details : why do files gave trouble to pass through an opening to directly get out of a place? It’s been 20 that fly is trying to get thought my opened window and I just don’t understand!

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This wording is unclear. You need to go into more detail and describe what it is you’re talking about before anyone can answer.

Insect eyes as a whole aren’t great. They’re small and better at detect contrasts/edges/light changes than fine detail. Which works out great for them in the natural world.

But glass windows aren’t natural. There’s no capability in their microscopic brains to discern that the reflections and slight color distortion from a glass window indicates that an object is there. The lack the capacity to know that. And since they have no ability to know something is there, they default to thinking the way is clear because light shines through – despite having just collided with the window.

Keep in mind that flies have been known to pull their own heads off by accident. These are animals operating more akin to a computer than a conscious, sentient being. Their entire behavior set is based on instinct, and that instinct does not account for windows.

Flies are not smart. They have very small quick acting nervous systems, which allow them to avoid your swatting hand, but in terms of strategy or problem solving they are dumb as nails.

Their natural instinct when trapped is to fly upwards. If your window opens at the bottom, they will continue to try to escape through the top of the window, or through the ceiling, even though those are not actual working escape routes.

In nature, flying upwards to get out of bad situations is usually a good bet, which is why flies evolved this instinct. They don’t have the sort of brainpower necessary to re-evaluate a different tact when this doesn’t work, they will just keep trying to escape upwards until they die.

A lot of insects also tend to use the sun for navigation. Flying at a constant orientation to the sun is a good simple way to navigate. But humans have developed tiny little suns that work at night (light bulbs). These confuse bugs, who try to navigate using the sun, and end up flying in circles around the light bulb, or even collide with it.

There are probably thousands of flies outside your house daily trying to get in. One or two get lucky and find a way.

Those one or two don’t get lucky again, and can’t find a way out.

If you reversed it and had thousands inside then one or two would find their way out every day too.