Why hasn’t there been a large scale killer-drone attack if the technology exists, is inexpensive and easily acquirable?


Talking about small, consumer-level quadcopters flying into people and killing them with a small amount of explosives. This terrifies me.

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It’s not as inexpensive or easy as you think to modify commercial drones to fire bullets, and if you were a terrorist trying to execute a mass killing, explosives are much easier to set up and would require less effort.

Because of physics: “large scale” explosives for example weigh quite a lot and require something airplane-, helicopter-, or [truck-sized](https://www.fbi.gov/history/famous-cases/oklahoma-city-bombing) to have enough lift to carry the weight of the bomb.

Airplane-sized drones do exist, but they’re not as inexpensive and easily acquirable as small consumer drones, and more importantly they’re as visible on radar as regular airplanes. Meaning that a country’s military and defense systems would be able to shoot down the “large scale killer drone” if it enters the airspace.

Everyone is pushing for flying cars. 15 soccer moms leaving the mall at the same time and this will naturally occur.

This is very feasible, software for the like can easily be made by anyone these days. Face recognition isn’t something too difficult.
Ive Seen Videos of Ukraine forces with a dji dropping small charges on troops.

Pairing with CCTV cams (or any cams you set up yourself to get coordinates and identification) for planned assassinations aren’t far fetched.

Michael reeves made a short video programming a swarm of drones to kamikaze into him on face recognition, very recommendable.

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