Why haven’t nuclear weapons been used in war since WW2?


Why haven’t nuclear weapons been used in war since WW2?


The doctrine of mutually assured destruction. In WWII, only one side had nukes. Nowdays, everyone’s got them, so using a nuke is asking to get nuked yourself.

Two nuclear armed nations haven’t had direct confrontation since 1945 – mostly because they don’t want to get nuked.

Instead they’ve spent the intervening decades fighting proxy wars against eachother’s allies. Nucleaer weapons are of little use in an asymmetric war like Vietnam or Afghanistan, the enemy has no cities.

Because a nuclear bomb will incinerate everything in the blast radius beyond recognition, bodies literally get cremated and instantly become ash. Further away, buildings will shatter and people will be torn apart by the force of the blast. Shrapnel is flung far and wide and it will rain rubble. After that, survivors will be sick from radiation poisoning, their hair and flesh will fall out, they’d slowly die and there’s nothing you can do about it, simply drinking water could kill someone from the shock. Even further away, people who weren’t directly hit by anything will get sick too, it will rain black goo and anything that gets touched by that will become radioactive, plants die, animals die, people will start starving to death or risk eating and get poisoned. People trying to get away will carry contaminants out with them and get neighboring villages or cities sick too. Any food or water exported can kill people outside. Bodies will pile up everywhere and survivors are in no condition to clean the corpses of their loved ones up, anyone who handles them will get radiation poisoning even further. Doctors and other people who attempt to help anyone in the infected areas end up dying from cancer several years later. People will keep on dying for weeks, months or even a year after the bomb fell down and the poisoned earth will be unlivable for a long time. More people will have died from the aftermath than from the initial blast. This is roughly what happened in Hiroshima. Bombs today might be strong enough to murder the entire population in a country and people outside the country will watch everyone slowly die, we have social media now so it will be extremely grotesque… No one wants that to happen again, especially since our nuclear bombs today are probably 10x more powerful than the bomb back then.