why hives hurt so much


I get bouts of hive when my body heats up but I’m not able to sweat, for example, in cold weather, under duress, any extreme emotion. And the pain is best described as hot needles being pushed out of my skin. The pain travels downward in waves from my face to my chest. On one occasion I collapsed from the pain. It’s twice as worse as a beesting and it’s constant.
Why is something that is caused by something as innocuous as histamine capable of driving me to my knees?

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So… Hives are normally an allergic reaction, and they tend to itch.

You have a different issue, which apparently some people call “prickly heat” from your pores being clogged. If it is a serious issue and you wash yourself thoroughly using hot water, it is something you should probably talk to a doctor about. I have experienced it before, though not nearly as intensely as you describe, and it went away on its own.

I am not a doctor, so you should talk to one if this is bothering you. For someone to be able to give you real answers and relief, you’ll need to be seen by a qualified primary care provider.

However, I am in the medical field and do have some basic biology knowledge and a few theories. I have a few follow up questions:

1. Are the hives raised up, almost puffy? (Y/N)
2. Do they itch? (Y/N)
3. Do you know what triggers the hives? (Y/N)
4. Do allergy meds like Benadryl help the hives go away? (Y/N)
5. How long are they visible? (a few minutes, hours, days, weeks, all the time, etc)
6. When exactly does the pain start? (before the hives? after? explain)
7. Does anything help the pain stop? (Y/N)
8. How often does this happen?
9. How long has this been happening?
10. In “cold weather” is the thing I’m caught on. Are these hives happening while you are layered up in warm clothes? Or while you are wearing thin layers? This is really important. Detail as much as you can remember.