Why is beef/red meat bad for the environment?


Over the past year, I’ve seen numerous headlines saying that beef/red meat is bad for the environment and everyone should eat more fish and poultry or even go vegan.

Why is red meat/cattle so much worse than other forms of meat?

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It takes a lot more natural resources to raise animals versus eating a vegetarian diet. Cows also expel a lot of methane. They are gassy creatures.

Basically to produce a pound of beef you need a lot more water and fodder than you do for a pound of chicken. Of course if you eat plants and water directly you of course need even less than if you use them to feed a third party animal.

Well, I don’t know much, but I’ve just watched a documentary about it . Long story short , raising those animals needs a lot of water , a lot of land and tons of grain .

I’ve also read that they produce a lot carbon dioxide? Like the cows and all of that , and there’s a big demand on it so there’s a lot of cows, and they produce a looot of carbon dioxide .

[Here, watch this.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ouAccsTzlGU)
[And this](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NxvQPzrg2Wg)
Kurzgesagt is really cool, and they put out some rather high quality videos.

For several reasons that we can all agree with and some we won’t be able to. I’ll stick to the facts.

First, meat making counts for more bad gas and bad effects on the globe than any other industry. Including oil, palm oil, etc.

The meat industry is the cause for most trees being cut down, to make way for meat and crops for that meat. This is often an unknown.

Cattle are wildly bad at turning plants and water into meat. It takes more water and and more feed to make a pound of beef than any other domestic meat animal. Let’s say 20lbs of feed to make 1 lb of beef. We could feed many many more people at less environmental cost than we could making meat for the rich.

TLDR: expensive, bad for the globe.