Why is chicken bought from store more tender than the one from the country?


In my country, getting country chicken meat is really easy as there are many growers. That being said, we almost always buy from the store because my daughter can’t chew the country chicken meat – no matter if it is boiled, fried, roasted.

So goes the question: **Why is chicken meat bought from the store more tender than the one from the countryside?**

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Country chickens are more likely to have exercise and use their muscles more, whilst a lot of shop bought checken comes from caged birds. The lack of exercise is why their muscles are less tough and chewy.

The meat you bought locally was probably an old bird. I grow meat birds and they are not tough.

The birds in the store generally live no more than 8 weeks. They grow fast and suffer for it.

Typically they take a saline solution and inject it into the chicken to inflate it. It makes the chicken weigh more and also makes it more tender and some say tastier. You can get some of the same results by salt brining your more natural chicken.

Don’t know if it’s common in your country but most meat where I’m from is electrocuted before I get it. This the meat more tender.